Selle San Marco is an italian brand, that produces handmade saddles since 1935. The company based in Rossano Veneto owes its success to the excellence and high quality of its products, that the great pro riders have been using all along. Closed in every San Marco saddle there is the history of a firm that has become the undisputed symbol of the Made in Italy. The best of technology and design mixed for the perfection of a hand-made product. Innovative models, result of a continuous research that already in the past has allowed San Marco to make products that revolutionized the world of cycling. The legendary Concor and the Regal for example, that became symbols of an epoch. Cult objects, that live again in the saddles produced today.

The feeling you get riding on a San Marco saddle is unmistakably unique.

It is made of feelings, experience and emotion.

The same emotion that has been inspiring us since 1935, taking us further into exploring the world of two wheels.