Family has always been the core of the Sportful brand, from its beginnings as Manifattura Valcismon with Olindo & Irma selling their wool to the factories of Veneto, passing their business on to their son Giordano and now his children, Alberto, Alessio, Dario & Gioia, have all had important roles within the business since 1995. It’s an extended family too, some of the staff has been there for over 40 years and the business is still in the same valley as it started, back in 1946.

Innovation & design has always been key to Sportful’s products, something clearly demonstrated by the success of their athletes over the past 40 years.

They’ve been technical supplier of clothing for some of the biggest names in our sports – in the past from Mapei & Team Italia to our current partnership with Tinkoff Saxo. In Cross Country we’ve sponsored the Italian, French, Czech, Finnish, Ukraine & Kazakhstan national teams and in Ski Mountaineering the Spanish & Italian teams. They have always strived to make the best products possible to ensure top-level athletes have the leading edge.